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Saputo has extensive experience in developing packaging graphics. We have done pretty much every beverage label, wrap or carton, in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic categories. We've duked it out with pouches ranging in size from the tiny 4 ouncers to the giant 6 pounders, in both freezer and shelf stable varieties. We've wrestled with those pesky little die lines where you need to fit the nutrition facts, as well as the four lines of product romance language, all while making the logo bigger. Graphics for cases of items being displayed on pallets in dark, club stores? Check! Convert your beautiful 9 color, offset printed box with varnish to a 2 color, flexo-printed corrugate box? Been there, done that. Throw anything at us and we will happily work through your worst packaging nightmare. All that said, we also really like brand new packaging assignments where we get to start from scratch, because while we love a good challenge, we are still designers and like to create - not just fix.

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